Thursday, 17 April 2014

2014 National Championship - Round 2 Fixtures:

Women's Section:

1 Albert, M (10)              :     Haufiku, T (6)
 2 Mentile, L (7)             :     Tjaronda, N (5)
 3 Valombola, M (8)     :     Shipindo, R (4)
 4 Emvula, A (9)           :     Nepando, J (3)
 5 Pandeni, T (1)          :     Tjatindi, B (2)

Open Section:          

 1 Leonard Mueller               :     Neshila Fernandez
 2 Simon Shidolo                  :     Charles Eichab   
 3 Sanders Oberholzer        :     Immanuel Gariseb 
 4 Calvin Eixab                      :     Goodwill Khoa    
 5 Otto Nakapunda               :     Bernhard Schwartz
 6 McLean Handjaba           :     Terence Ujamba   
 7 Matjiua Kajovi                   :     Thomas Ehrich    
 8 Edmund Gariseb              :     Max Baron Nitzborn
 9 Emmanuel Sihlahla         :     Leonard Nghifikwa
10 Titus Uukelo                    :     Tibor Trepper    
11 Fremantle Kuhanga      :     Richman Tjiriange
12 William Kamberipa         :     Eradius Mwaetako 
13 Dennis Gamaseb            :     Jossy Uapingene  
14 Brian Nakambonde       :     Adelino Uirab    
15 Gatsen Tjirare      3.0      :     0.0  BYE     

Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Kasparov Chess Foundation (KCF) Africa  is involved in 5 FIDE rated tournaments during the months of April and May 2014 and it invites Namibian chess players that wish to part-take at thier own cost to feel free to request for ENTRY FORMS to any of the following by emailing the to receive such.
The events include:
1. The 2014 Easter Open in Zimbabwe (18 - 21 April)
2. The 2014 East Africa Open in Kenya (18 - 21 April)
3. The 2014 Capablanca Festival in Pretoria (25 April - 4 May)
4. The 2014 Steinitz Open in Cape Town (9 - 18 May)
5. The 2014 World Amateur Chess Championships in Singapore (25 April - 4 May)
All this events are FIDE rated whilst both the Capablanca and Steinitz events include a GM norm section.
Information contributed by Graham Jurgensen, Director of the KCF Africa.

National Championship Countdown

Countdown to the 2014 National Chess Championship begins.

Dates: 17th to 21st April
Rounds: 9
Venue: Protea Hotel Thuringerhof
Official Sponsor: NCF

Tournament Regulations will be emailed to all members and posted here on by the 15th Tuesday.

Friday, 11 April 2014


1.    VENUE: Open Area at the Sanlam Building foyer (confirmation still pending), or same venue as 1st leg: between Ministry of Justice and Nampost, Independence Avenue, Windhoek.

2.     EVENT DATE: 12 April 2014
3.1 REGISTRATION PERIOD: 11 April 2014 till 08h45 12 April 2014
3.2 REGISTRATION METHODS: e-mail or sms 081-4006467
3.4 REGISTRATION FEES: Scholars - N$ 20, Adults - N$ 40

4. WHO MAY PARTICIPATE: This is an Open Tournament, everybody is welcome.


Set-up starts: 07h00

Welcome and Opening - 08h45

Announcements: Tournament Director

Round 1 :  09h00-09h50
Round 2 :  10h00-10h50
Round 3 :  11h00-11h50
Round 4 :  11h00-11h50

Break:            12h00-12h50

Round 5 :  13h00-13h50
Round 6 :  14h00-14h50
Round 7 :  15h00-15h50

Prize Giving: 16h30

Vote of Thanks/Closing Remarks

The tournament will be played over 7 (SEVEN) Swiss-paired rounds. Rate of play will be 25 minutes per player per game.

The Grand Prix Series consists of 5 (FIVE) legs. The overall winner of the Grand Prix shall be the player who amasses the most points in 4 (FOUR) of the 5 legs. For each Grand Prix leg, points will be allocated as follows to the top 8 (EIGHT) players;

1st Place                     = 12 points
2nd Place                    = 8 points
3rd Place                    = 6 points
4th Place                    = 5 points
5th Place                    = 4 points
6th Place                    = 3 points
7th Place                    = 2 points
8th Place                    = 1 point

Swiss Perfect will be used for the pairings. Please note that the breaks between rounds will be used to do the pairings according to the SWISS SYSTEM.
TIE-BREAK: Direct encounter, Progressive Score, Most Wins Median-Bucholz

1st Prize                      = N$ 800 + Trophy & Gold Medal
2nd Prize                     = N$ 600 + Silver Medal
3rd Prize                     = N$ 400 + Bronze Medal

N$200 Worth of Lucky Prizes to be WON!

PS: Cash prizes to be shared by players with equal points. Tie-breaks will be used to determine final standings.

8.1 SPONSOR: Chris Biasako
8.2 TOTAL: N$ 2,000

General Rules:
1. Silence at all times.
2. Cellular phones should be switched off or put on “silent” mode if switched on. No talking while playing allowed.
3. No assistance to chess players will be allowed during their games. A player who offers assistance will be expelled from the tournament.
4. If a player touches a piece, (s)he should move that piece, provided a legal move can be made with that piece. (Touch is a move.)
5. Each player must press the clock with the same hand that moves the pieces. However, when castling, capturing or completing a promotion, a player may use both hands.
6. Any player who makes themselves guilty of rude behaviour will be disqualified with immediate effect.

The rapid rules of FIDE will apply during this event.

The Appeals Committee to be announced in due course.

Complaints should be directed to the individual members of the Appeals Committee. Should a player be unhappy with the initial decision made by such a member, (s)he may appeal. The remaining members would then weigh in and their decision is final.

Tournament Director
Fremantle Kuhanga

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Candidate Master (CM) Charles Eichab wins yet another tournament

The quiet town of Arandis received some excitement over the weekend (5th April) as the Namibia Chess Federation (NCF) hosted the Arandis Open at the town.
Veteran player Charles Eichab rained supreme in Arandis which marks his 2nd victory this year. His win at the small town comes just a fortnight before the National Championships scheduled in Windhoek from the 17th to 21st April. Eichab came 2nd at the Independence Blitz Tournament early last month and won his first tournament for the year a few weeks after he came 1st at the 1st leg of the 5 leg Chess Grand Prix.

The Arandis Open was held over the weekend at the Arandis Community Development Centre for the first time and was attended by both players and spectators from and around the mining town.
A total of 40 players part-took in the one –day tourney with Charles Eichab taking first place in a tie brake victory over fellow veteran player CM Otto Nakapunda.
Both players were tied on points as they each scored 6 out of 7 points. In the end a computer generated tie-brake had to be employed to decide the winner. In third place at the tournament was upcoming player McLean Handjaba.
Lutupo Lubinda claimed the prize for best women and Immanuel Gariseb took best junior.
Sponsored by the Namibia Chess Federation, the tournament is part of the federation’s development and decentralization efforts for the intellectual sport code.

Next on the NCF’s Calendar is the 2nd leg of Grand Prix this coming weekend and the Nationals following the weekend thereafter.