Tuesday, 11 August 2015




VENUE: Groove Mall, Khomasdal, Windhoek
2. EVENT DATE:  15 August 2015
3.1 REGISTRATION PERIOD: 11-15 August 2015
3.2 REGISTRATION METHODS: sms 081-4006467
3.3 PARTICIPANT’S PARTICULARS: Name, Gender (& Year of birth if born AFTER 1994, i.e. 1995- present.)
3.4 REGISTRATION FEES: Scholars - N$ 20, Adults - N$ 40.

4. WHO MAY PARTICIPATE: This is an Open Tournament, everybody is welcome.


Setting up and Registration starts: 08h00

Welcome and Opening - 09h45

Announcements: Tournament Director

Round 1 :  10h00-10h50
Round 2 :  11h00-11h50
Round 3 :  12h00-12h50

Break:      13h00-13h50

Round 4 :  14h00-14h50
Round 5 :  15h00-15h50
Round 6 :  16h00-16h50
Round 7 :  17h00-17h50

Prize Giving: 18h30

Vote of Thanks/Closing Remarks

The tournament will be played over 7 (SEVEN) Swiss-paired rounds. Rate of play will be 25 minutes per player per game.

The Grand Prix Series consists of 5 (FIVE) legs. The overall winner of the Grand Prix shall be the player who amasses the most points in 4 (FOUR) of the 5 legs. For each Grand Pri leg, points will be allocated as follows to the top 8 (EIGHT) players;

1st Place                     = 12 points
2nd Place              = 8 points
3rd Place              = 6 points
4th Place              = 5 points
5th Place              = 4 points
6th Place              = 3 points
7th Place              = 2 points
8th Place              = 1 point

Swiss Manager will be used for the pairings. Please note that the breaks between rounds will be used to do the pairings according to the SWISS SYSTEM.
TIE-BREAK: Direct encounter, Progressive Score and Most Wins.
If players are still tied, then 1 game of Armageddon will be played.
Open Category

1st Prize                = Trophy, Gold Medal & 800
2nd Prize               = Silver Medal & 600
3rd Prize               = Bronze Medal & 400

N$200 Total for Lucky Prizes to be WON!

General Rules:
1. Silence at all times.
2. Cellular phones should be switched off or put on “silent” mode if switched on. No talking while playing allowed.
3. No assistance to chess players will be allowed during their games. A player who offers assistance will be expelled from the tournament.
4. If a player touches a piece, (s)he should move that piece, provided a legal move can be made with that piece. (Touch is a move.)
5. A player may claim a win if his/her opponent makes an illegal move. This claim should be made immediately and not a move later.
6. Each player must press the clock with the same hand that moves the pieces. However, when castling, capturing or completing a promotion, a player may use both hands.
7. Any player who makes themselves guilty of rude behaviour will be disqualified with immediate effect.

The blitz rules of FIDE will apply during this event.

The Appeals Committee to be announced in due course.

Complaints should be directed to the individual members of the Appeals Committee. Should a player be unhappy with the initial decision made by such a member, (s)he may appeal. The remaining members would then weigh in and their decision is final.

Tournament Director (Unsigned. Sent via email)
McLean Handjaba

Web: http://namchess.blogspot.com

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Junior chess team on route to Botswana

Cold fronts and freezing cold weather conditions in the capital could not stop chess crazed junior players from taking part in the 2015 National Chess Closed Championship held in the capital early July. All participants at this event had to first travel to the coastal town of Walvis Bay for the annual Junior Open Chess Championship in order to qualify for the Junior Closed in Windhoek.

Players came from as far as Keetmanshoop, Swakopmund and Otjiwarongo to battle it off for top honors in the capital in arduous cold and freezing temperatures in a 6 round long swiss-paired tournament which carried on for two days. 

A new age group champion was crowned in each section with top rank being awarded to the overall winner in the U20 segment – this section saw  the 2014/2015 Junior Open and Junior Closed winner, Immanuel Gariseb once again defended his title with an unbeaten streak of 6/6.

Overall winners in all 7 age groups excluding the Under 20 section from this event all qualified to carry the Namibian flag high as they contest against other African teams in Botswana at the 2015 Africa Schools Individual Championship scheduled for 21st -30th August 2015 at Oasis Motel in Gaborone.

One of the parents escorting the team to Gaborone Ephraim Jane much-admired this enterprise of the Namibia Chess Federation together with the Namibia Sports Commission to have juniors competing with the best in Africa at such events, however he pointed out that, “Mere participation alone is not enough, our own children need to start bringing home silverware as well.” Meanwhile, the head national coach, Charles Eichab alludes that the team is at present undergoing training and will be ready to compete come the 21st of August.

The team to represent the country is made up of the following players; Oberholzer Emma U/8, Bertelsman Alexander U/8, Ferreira Maralike U/10, Jane Galeshewe U/10, Van Wyk Keisha U/12, Beukes Dante U/12, Tsuses Patience U/14, Van Der Meer Anthony U14, Calitz Lida-Marie U/16,  Kamazembua Himumuine U16 and Tjaronda Nicola U18. Only players 17 years old and younger are certified at this tournament and hence the Under 20 juniors will regrettably not be accompanying the team.