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Venue: Swakopmund Municipal Training Centre, SWAKOPMUND TOWN

Date:  19th & 20th December 2015

Starting Time:  09h00 on 19th and at 11h30 on 20th December

Registration: N$ 40 Seniors and N$ 20 Juniors. Registration closes at 08h00 on 19th December 2015. To register, players should SMS their FULL NAMES, DATE OF BIRTH and GENDER to 0816238160. 

Who may participate: Tournament is open to everyone.


19th  December

09h10 Welcoming (LOC)
Remarks by a representative of the Namibian Chess Federation (NCF)
Announcements by the Arbiter

Round 1) 09h30 – 10h30
Round 2)11h40 – 11h40
Round 3)11h50 – 12h50
Round 4)13h40 – 14h40
Round 5)14h50 – 15h50

20th December

Round 6) 11h30 – 12h30
Round 7)12h40 – 13h40
Round 8)13h50 – 14h50
Round 9)15h00 – 16h00

Prize- Giving at 16h20

Prizes: (*will be announced at the start of round 2 on 19th December)

Open Section:
1st Prize ____________________
2nd Prize____________________
3rd Prize____________________

Best Junior:

Best Cadet – Girl

Best Cadet - Boy


* Note that all prizes are subject to change and can go up but not less than the stipulated allocations above. Final announcements would be made before round 1.
* Being 20 years of age by 01 January 2015 makes you ineligible for any junior prizes.
System and rate of play: The chess tournament will be a 9 round Swiss system and the rate of play will be 30 minutes per player.

Pairing and Tiebreak System: Swiss Perfect / Swiss Manager will be used for the pairings. Tie-Breaks will be Direct Encounter, Progressive Score, Median Buchholz and Buchholz.

General Rules:
- Silence at all time.
- Cell phones should be switched off at all times in the playing hall. If a players’ cell phone rings during a game he or she will forfeit their game.
- No sharing of prizes. No player can win more than 1 prize
- Touch is a move unless the piece that was touch has no legal move.
- Any player who makes themselves guilty of rude behaviour will be disqualified with immediate effect.
-A player who is it not seated after 15 minutes of the commencement of play will forfeit the game.
- Any one that registers after 21h00 on 06 December 2015 will be paired only in the second round and will pay N$ 50 for registration as penalty.
-FIDE rules for rapid chess will be put up at the tournament side and players are advised to familiarize themselves with the rules.
- The Local organizing committee will be CM Charles Eichab and Ms. Larissa Beukes
- Members of the appeals committee will be selected at the tournament.
- All complaints should be directed to the Appeals Committee.

By Order:
Tournament Director
CM Charles Eichab

For more enquiries please contact CM EIchab at 081 623 8160

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“In loving memory of the late Dr. Kehat Beukes – a dedicated and loving family man,

and an unmatched pioneer of chess in Namibia.”