Saturday, 1 October 2011


Saturday, 1 October 2011, The Weekend Chess Academy made history when the B Team won the 7th Namibia National School Team Chess Championships 2011 with 11.5/20. The Champions are, Matjiua Kajovi, Ethan Pretorius, Tjitjiri Tjaronda and Abhinav Lahiri. The team had to win their last match against Kolin Foundation B Team to capture the title and they surely did. In Second place came The Weekend Chess Academy A team with 9.5/20. The TWCA A team (Immanuel, Christo, William and Julian) also had to win their final match in the last round to win the silver Medals. In third place we had Kolin Foundation A team also with 9.5/20.

Kolin Foundation lost their match against the TWCA A team and was placed 3rd because of the first tie-break being direct encounter.

In the Primary section the Zandell Chess Academy Primary A Team took the gold with 23.5/28. They are; Etu Nangula, Mutago Hochobeb, Mubasen Hochobeb and Eu-Word Brendell. It was a horse race between ZCA and TWCA Primary A team (Nicola, Camy, Vetueza and Krishanu the 2010 Primary School Team Champions) who were leading the event from round one but conceded one point to many in the last round and ended with a 23/28 score in second place.
Van Rhyn Primary A team came in third place with 12/28. They had the same points then the ZCA B team but won on they match in round 2 and was placed 3rd because of the direct-encounter tie-break. The chess coach from Van Rhyn Primary wowed to capture the primary school title this year but they were outclassed by the top teams.
TWCA Coaches: Max, Goodwill and Edmund are proud to share the glory and honor with our teams. We will do it again for 2012 and 2013. TWCA are going from strength to strength.
In total we won 12 medals of 24 4 Gold and 8 Silver. Congratulations to the kidos. You are the best!!