Friday, 23 March 2012

Charles Eichab, Blitz Chess King of Namiba

Veteran Candidate Master Charles Eichab reclaimed the throne as Namibia’s Blitz king by winning the NAMSPORTS Independence Blitz Chess Tournament over the weekend. He went undefeated en route to his fourth tournament victory.
Two-time champion James Dimba finished second with 9 out of 11. Goodwill Khoa edged out tournament organizer Otto Nakapunda on the first tie-break, after they both scored 8 out of 11, to claim third place.
Blitz is a very exciting form of chess, with every player getting a mere 5 minutes to complete the game. This somehow levelled the playing field, resulting in a high rate of upsets!
Said Eichab: “Blitz is very psychological. Sometimes you play moves that are not 100% sound but that pose problems that are difficult to solve in the allocated time. So the clock becomes such a huge factor. The ability to manage the clock plus maintaining good positions on the board is crucial for success in blitz competitions.”
Leonard Nghifikwa won the u/20 section with Julian Isaak taking the u/18 prize. The other winners were Lishen Mentile u/16, Abhinav Lahiri u/14, Hiren Naidoo u/12 and Dante Beukes u/10. Mentile defeated strong players to also claim the Best Woman prize.
Officiating at the prize-giving ceremony, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Sport, Dr. Peingondjabi Shipho said: “I would like to advise the Namibia Chess Federation (NCF) leadership to grow the sport by focusing on school chess activities. The Government will assist you in this regard, through the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture and the Namibia Schools Sport Union. The NCF Exco should work tirelessly to ensure that our youth take part in regional tournaments, especially in neighbouring South Africa, so as to prepare them for the bigger stage. Only then will the senior national chess team be able to perform well at the Chess Olympiad.
NAMSPORTS sponsored N$ 4,000 towards this season-opening event.
Full Results:
Open Category:
1.       Charles Eichab (11/11)
2.       James Dimba (9/11)
3.       Goodwill Khoa (8/11)

Under 20
1.      Leonard Nghifikwa (7/11)
1.       Julian Isaak (7/11)
2.       Hange Tjingaete (7/11)
3.       Immanuel Gariseb (7/11)

1.       Lishen Mentile (7/11)
2.       Dyllan Bedja (5/11)
3.       Kamu Kakunga (4/11)

1.      Abhinav Lahiri (7/11)
2.       Etu Nangula (6/11)
3.       Nicola Tjaronda (6/11)
1.       Hiren Naidoo (5/11)
2.       Mubasen Hochobeb (5/11)
3.       Ileni Kandume (4/11)
1.       Dante Beukes (6/11)
2.       Krishanu Lahiri (5/11)
3.       Kevin Gurirab (5/11)

Charles vs Lishen,
Julian Isaaks vs James Dimba

Friday, 16 March 2012

2012 NAMSPORTS Independence Blitz - This coming weekend - Saturday, 17 March 2012.


1. VENUE: UNAM Khomasdal Campus (formerly known as Windhoek College of Education)

2. EVENT DATE: 17 March 2011

3.1 REGISTRATION PERIOD: 12 – 17 March 2011
3.2 REGISTRATION METHODS: e-mail or sms 081-211 6463.
3.3 PARTICIPANT’S PARTICULARS: Name, Gender & Year of birth if born AFTER 1991, ie 1992- present.
3.4 REGISTRATION FEES: Scholars - N$ 20, Adults - N$ 30

4. WHO MAY PARTICIPATE: This is an Open Tournament, everybody is welcome.

Welcome and Opening - 09h00 – Tournament host, Mr. Otto Nakapunda
Round 1 :  09h15-09h25
Round 2 :  09h40-09h50
Round 3 :  10h05-10h15
Round 4 :  10h30-10h40
Round 5 :  10h55-11h05
Round 6 :  11h20-11h30
LUNCH:    11h30-12h00
Round 7 :  12h10-12h20
Round 8 :  12h35-12h45
Round 9 :  13h00-13h10
Round 10: 13h25-13h35
Round 11: 13h50-14h00
Vote of Thanks/Closing Remarks – NCF President Max Nitzborn

The tournament will be played over 11 (eleven) Swiss-paired rounds. Rate of play will be 5 minutes per player per game.

Swiss Manager will be used for the pairings. Please note that the breaks between rounds will be used to do the pairings according to the SWISS SYSTEM.
TIE-BREAK: Direct encounter, Progressive Score and Most Wins.
If players are still tied, then 1 game of Armageddon will be played.


Open Category
1st:         600
2nd:       450
3rd:        350
TOT:  1,400

Under 20
1st:      300
TOT:  300

Under 18
1st:      300
TOT:  300

Under 16
1st:      250
TOT:  250

Under 14
1st:      200
TOT:  200

Under 12
1st:      150
TOT: 150

Under 10
1st:      100
TOT:  100

Under 8
1st:      100
TOT:  100

Special Prize: Best Woman
1st:      200
TOT:  200


In addition, all top 3 finishers will receive certificates.

General Rules:
1. Silence at all times.
2. Cellular phones should be switched off or put on “silent” mode if switched on. No talking while playing allowed.
3. No assistance to chess players will be allowed during their games. A player who offers assistance will be expelled from the tournament.
4. If a player touches a piece, (s)he should move that piece, provided a legal move can be made with that piece. (Touch is a move.)
5. A player may claim a win if his/her opponent makes an illegal move. This claim should be made immediately and not a move later. A King left in check may be captured to end the game.
6. Each player must press the clock with the same hand that moves the pieces. However, when castling, capturing or completing a promotion, a player may use both hands.
7. Any player who makes themselves guilty of rude behaviour will be disqualified with immediate effect.

The blitz rules of FIDE will apply during this event.

The Appeals Committee to be announced in due course.

Complaints should be directed to the individual members of the Appeals Committee. Should a player be unhappy with the initial decision made by such a member, (s)he may appeal. The remaining members would then weigh in and their decision is final.

Tournament Director
Otto Z. Nakapunda
 081-211 64 63
Tel: 061-26 18 99
Fax: 061-26 18 99