Monday, 19 August 2013

NCF selects Junior National Team for friendly games against SA school

The Following junior chess players have been selected as part of the National Junior Team with plans under way to send the team to South Africa later this year.

The idea is to have the Namibian Junior team gain experience through a series of friendly games against neighbouring countries, of which South Africa is currently the targeted country. The NCF plans to build a culture of exposure for its junior players and hence the decision to select a junior National Team. The Team is composed of 3 categories of players, namely, the Automatic Qualifiers or 1st Choice Team, the Selective Team, which includes players selected by the National Coach and the Reserve Team. All the players may travel together and play as one team per the NCF's discretion. Organisation of the trip to South Africa is currently underway and more information will be made available in due course.

Hewicke Uatjiri
Alto Horn
Iwann Du Toit
Mubasen /Hochobeb
Nicola Tjaronda
Immanuel Gariseb
Julian Isaaks

Kevin Gurirab
Dante Buekes
Mutago /Hochobeb
Lita-Marie Calitz
Isaskar Hamaseb
Lishen Mentile
William Kamberipa

Keisha Van Wyk
Nguno Vilho
Kefilwe Katjovi
Eu-word Brendell
Tibor Treppor
Matjua Katjovi
Willem Louw