Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Eichab clears out his opponents at Kehat Beukes

The winners - (Left to Right) Dante Beukes, Immanuel Gariseb, Colin Nyandoro, Charles Eichab, Larissa Beukes, Zandell Nakapunda and Michael Haidongo (sited).

The year ended on an excellent note for Namibia's most accomplished and most decorated chess player. CM Charles Eichab took home another gold medal at the recently held Kehat Beukes Memorial Chess Tournament held at Protea Hotel Thuringerhof in Windhoek. The candidate master was ruthless in squeezing 9 (nine) straight wins from all his hopeful opponents. With this victory, Eichab claimed his 4th gold medal this year alone and marked his 50th tournament victory since he started playing chess before Y2K.

As has become tradition during the Beukes Memorial, another underdog emerged victorious over a barrage of chess masters. Colin Nyandoro claimed his first ever silver medal at the tournament when he followed Eichab with an amazing 7.5 out of 9 after beating CM Nakapunda and CM Handjaba who were all tournament favorites. Zandell Nakapunda finished in 3rd spot with a 6.5 total score, closely followed by Gariseb Immanuel and McLean Handjaba with 6 points each. In fifth spot was Edmund Gariseb who put up well fought fights throughout the tournament.

Junior champion Immanuel Gariseb proved why he remains top of his peers as he scoped the best junior gold medal after scoring with Dante Beukes claiming the best Cadet prize with 4.5 points.

Lucky prizes were also included at the tournament this year to give chance to those not in the top prizes a chance at winning N$200 each. Fortune favored Billy Chisenga and Michael Haidongo in this new initiative.

The tournament is held each year in honor of the late Dr. Kehat Beukes who served as Namibia Chess Federation president from 1994 till his untimely death in 1999.

All  appreciation and gratitude goes out to the Beukes family and the main sponsor Bank Windhoek for making this tournament a reality.

No female players participated in this year's Beukes Memorial.

Champion Charles Eichab and Larissa Beukes in the middle.

Final Standings

Place Name                Feder Rtg Loc  Score M-Buch. Buch. Progr.

  1   Eichab, Charles               2100 9        38.5  50.5   45.0
  2   Nyandoro, Collin                   7.5      37.5  51.0   37.5
  3   Nakapunda, Otto               2060 6.5      39.0  52.5   32.5
 4-5  Gariseb, Immanuel             2000 6        37.0  49.5   33.0
      Handjaba, Mclean              2040 6        37.0  46.5   29.0
 6-9  Gariseb, Edmund               2000 5        39.0  51.5   30.0
      Tyane, Billy                  2040 5        34.5  45.0   27.0
      Ehrich, Thomas                     5        34.5  45.0   27.0
      Campbell, Clarence                 5        32.0  42.5   25.0
10-13 Gawiseb, George                    4.5      34.5  45.0   22.0
      Jaftha, B-Jah                      4.5      29.5  36.0   20.5
      Beukes, Dante                      4.5      29.0  37.0   22.0
      Goosaard, Willem                   4.5      27.0  35.0   18.5
14-17 Tjiriange, Richman                 4        34.0  41.5   23.0
      Ndungula, Borro                    4        28.0  34.5   17.0
      Tjirare, Gatsen                    4        27.0  32.5   18.0
      Eixab, Calvin                      4        23.0  29.5   20.0
 18   Schwarz, Bernhard                  3        22.0  27.5   12.0
19-20 Shatipamba, Lazarus                2        29.0  35.5   12.0
      Hoabeb, Joseph                     2        26.5  32.0   10.0
 21   Haindongo, Michael                 1        29.0  36.5    5.0

Final Cross Table

No Name                Feder Rtg  1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9  

1  Eichab, Charles               10:W  6:W  7:W  2:W  3:W  4:W  5:W  9:W  8:W
2  Nyandoro, Collin              12:W 13:W  5:W  1:L  8:W  3:W  6:D  4:W 10:W
3  Nakapunda, Otto               13:W  8:W  4:D  5:W  1:L  2:L  7:W  6:W 12:W
4  Gariseb, Immanuel             11:W 17:W  3:D  7:W  6:D  1:L 10:W  2:L 14:W
5  Handjaba, Mclean              21:W  9:W  2:L  3:L 11:W 14:W  1:L  7:W  6:W
6  Gariseb, Edmund               15:W  1:L 10:W 18:W  4:D  8:W  2:D  3:L  5:L
7  Tyane, Billy                  20:W 14:W  1:L  4:L 18:W  9:W  3:L  5:L 17:W
8  Ehrich, Thomas                19:W  3:L 16:W  9:W  2:L  6:L 15:W 14:W  1:L
9  Campbell, Clarence            18:W  5:L 14:W  8:L 12:W  7:L 11:W  1:L 20:W
10 Gawiseb, George                1:L 15:W  6:L 11:D 16:W 12:W  4:L 19:W  2:L
11 Jaftha, B-Jah                  4:L 12:D 20:W 10:D  5:L 18:W  9:L 21:W 13:D
12 Beukes, Dante                  2:L 11:D 19:W 15:W  9:L 10:L 21:W 16:W  3:L
13 Goosaard, Willem               3:L  2:L 21:W 16:L 19:W 17:W 14:L 15:W 11:D
14 Tjiriange, Richman             0:W  7:L  9:L 19:W 17:W  5:L 13:W  8:L  4:L
15 Ndungula, Borro                6:L 10:L  0:W 12:L 20:W 16:W  8:L 13:L 19:W
16 Tjirare, Gatsen               17:L  0:W  8:L 13:W 10:L 15:L 20:W 12:L 21:W
17 Eixab, Calvin                 16:W  4:L 18:L 21:W 14:L 13:L 19:W 20:W  7:L
18 Schwarz, Bernhard              9:L 21:W 17:W  6:L  7:L 11:L  0:W  0:   0: 
19 Shatipamba, Lazarus            8:L 20:W 12:L 14:L 13:L  0:W 17:L 10:L 15:L
20 Hoabeb, Joseph                 7:L 19:L 11:L  0:W 15:L 21:W 16:L 17:L  9:L
21 Haindongo, Michael             5:L 18:L 13:L 17:L  0:W 20:L 12:L 11:L 16:L