Tuesday, 3 December 2013



Venue: Centaurus Secondary School

Date:  07 & 08 December 2013

Time:  09h00  07th December 2013
              11h30 on 08th December 2013

Registration: N$ 40 Seniors and N$ 20 Juniors. Players can register till 06 December 2013. Players can sent their details to do@namibiachessfederation.com or sms their names, date of birth and gender to 081 623 8160.

Who may participate: Tournament is open to all players of all ages.

Play: All players will play under 1 section however differentiation for special prizes will be determined through the final standings.

07 December 2013

09H10 Welcoming by Charles S. Eichab (LOC)
Remarks by  OZ Nakapunda of the Namibian Chess Federation (NCF)
Announcements by the Arbiter

Round 1) 09h30 – 10h30
Round 2)11h40 – 11h40
Round 3)111h50 – 12h50
Round 4)13h40 – 14h40
Round 5)14h50 – 15h50

08 December 2013:

Round 6) 11h30 – 12h30
Round 7)12h40 – 13h40
Round 8)13h50 – 14h50
Round 9)15h00 – 16h00

Prize- Giving at 16H20

 Open Section:
1st Prize N$2000.00
2nd Prize N$1,200.00
3rd Prize N$800.00
Best Junior:
1st Prize N$500.00
Best Girl
1st Prize 500.00
Age Group Prizes
N$ 1000:  N$250 for 1st place u/8, u/10, u/12, u/14

* Note that all prizes are subject to change and can go up but not less then the stipulated allocations above. Final announcements would be made before round 1.
* Being 20 years of age by 01 January 2013 makes you ineligible for any junior prizes.
System and rate of play: The chess tournament will be a 9 round Swiss system and the rate of play will be 30 minutes per player.

Pairing and Tiebreak System: Swiss Perfect will be used for the pairings. Tie-Breaks will be Direct Encounter, Progressive Score, Median Buchholz and Buchholz.

General Rules:
- Silence at all time.
- Cell phones should be switched off at all times in the playing hall. If a players’ cell phone rings during a game he or she will forfeit their game.
- No sharing of prizes. No player can win more then 1 prize
- Touch is a move unless the piece that was touch has no legal move.
- Any player who makes themselves guilty of rude behavior will be disqualified with immediate effect.
-A player who is it not seated after 15 minutes of the commencement of play will forfeit the game.
- Any one that registers after 21h00 on 06 December 2013 will be paired only in the second round and will pay N$ 50 for registration as penalty.
-FIDE rules for rapid chess will be put up at the tournament side and players are advised to familiarize themselves with the rules.
- The Local organizing committee will be CM Charles Eichab and Ms. Larissa Beukes
- Members of the appeals committee are CM Otto Nakapunda, Mr. Fremantle Kuhanga and
Mr McClean Handjaba
- All complaints should be directed to the Appeals Commitee.

Tournament Director
CM Charles Eichab

For more enquiries please contact CM EIchab at 081 623 8160