Monday, 16 September 2013

The Weekend Chess Academy (TWCA) scoops the 2013 Schools Team Chess Championship

Concordia College played host to this year’s Schools’ Team Chess Championship were schools such as Wennie Du Plessis Secondary School from Gobabis and Paresis Secondary School from Okahandja took part in an electrifying 7 round long chess tournament. The tournament was made up of a primary school section and a secondary school section and each participating school or academy could enter two teams embracing four learners each.

The one-day short tournament saw long time rivals; The Weekend Chess Academy (TWCA) and Zandell Chess Academy (ZCA) battle it out like gladiators for the top prize, with TWCA’s Team A walking out of the coliseum victorious for the second time in a role after scoring a perfect 7/7 win. ZCA’s Team A came in second place followed by Team A of the Okahandja based Paresis Secondary School. Concordia College’s Team A and B as well as Wennie Du Plessis Secondary School’s Team A and B both had to mentally fight a David vs. Goliath fight throughout the tournament but failed to defeat their more experienced opponents from Paresis’s Team A, ZCA’s Team A and TWCA’s Team A and B.

Excitement was brought about from the primary school section as a close match-up was experienced amongst the overall winners. This thrill came about as the top three teams all finished with 11 Match Points, leaving their total Game Points as a Tie-Break. ZCA Team A was crowned the primary school champions after scoring a game point of 22 with the Windhoek Afrikaanse Private Skool (WAP) Team A clinching the second place  with a game point of 21,5 followed by TWCA Team A who scored 20 game points.