Monday, 25 July 2011

Nanyala and Mentile are Namibian Junior Chess Champions for 2011

Yes, he did it again with another perfect score of 7/7. Silvestor Nanyala (Superman) played his best classical chess this past weekend. He defeated all 7 of his junior rivals including the 2010 Junior Champion Julian Isaak. He seemed unstoppable and even stayed calm when Hange Tjingaete captured his queen with a bang in their round 4 encounter. Nanyala, was unfazed and simply continue gently to wrap up the game in two more moves. In the last round the title could still go to Christo Retief, if only he defeats Nanyala. Fortunately for Nanyala, his tournament experience and years of passionate practice paid off in a final victory to clinch the title. Nanyala hails from Arandis and schooled at Kolin Foundation Secondary School where he learned to play chess. He studies Engineering at Unam Oshakati Campus.
In second place was Immanuel Gariseb with 5.5/7. Immanuel was taught by his brother Eddy who also stood by his side during this tough event. Immanuel also worked hard at his game and is currently a student at The Weekend Chess Academy. He conceded only one point to Nanyala and half a point to Mclean Handjaba. Maclean Handjaba took the bronze, also with 5.5/7 as he equally lost to Nanyala and drew with Immanuel Gariseb.

The girls section was won by Lishen Mentile, a true Champion for the Zandell Chess Academy. Lishen stayed focus and conceded 3 points to her rivals to end with a 4/7 score. She was followed by Stephne Swartz from The Weekend Chess Academy also with 4/7. The progressive score of Stephne was only 18 in comparison with that of Lishen Mentile, which were 19. Stephne made a comeback two months ago after a hiatus of 3 years from chess and vowed to take the top spot next year. Yes, she said not Girl Champion but Junior Champion is her aim next year. In 3rd place was Nicola Tjaronda the 2010 Girls Junior Champion from The Weekend Chess Academy also with 4/7. Nicola got a draw in her last game. She were placed third due to the progressive score tiebreak she only had 16.5 points and that placed her third.

The top 15 juniors in the Namibia are as follows:
Place Surname Name Score Tie-breaks
Progr. Score M-Buch.
1 Nanyala Silvestor 7 28 23
2 Gariseb Immanuel 5.5 23.5 19
3 Handjaba Mclean 5.5 21.5 20
4 Isaak Julian 5 23 22
5 Retief Christo 5 22 19
6 Kamberipa William 5 21 21
7 Kajovi Matjiua 4.5 17.5 17.5
8 Neib Michael 4.5 17 18
9 Tjingaete Hange 4 20 20
10 Mentile Lishen 4 19 18
11 Swartz Stephne 4 18 18
12 Tjaronda Jack 4 17 20
13 Tjipetekera Samuel 4 17 18.5
14 Cloete Josua 4 17 18.5
15 Tjaronda Nicola 4 16.5 17.5

The Namibia Chess Federation once again expressed its appreciation for the financial support from Bank Windhoek the official sponsor of the 4th Bank Windhoek Namibia National Junior Chess Championships 2011 to the amount of N$25,000.00. It is really a great help towards the development of chess in Namibia.
Together we do better.