Monday, 28 December 2009


This weekend 26-27 December 2009, the 4th Kehat Beukes Memorial Chess Tournament was held at Klein Windhoek Guest House. The event was sponsored by Klein Windhoek Guest House and the Beukes Family and Friends. National Chess Champion Charles Eichab won the event for a second time with 5.5/7 followed by Toivo Nangula in 2nd place also with 5.5/7.

Chipande Ingwe came 3rd with 5/7 followed by Goodwill Khoa in 4th place also with 5/7. Worth mentioning is the performance of Toivo Nangula, Chipande Ingwe who each wrestled a point from Candidate Master Otto Nakapunda and Goodwill Khoa who checkmated Candidate Master Charles Eichab in the final round.

On the scholar side it was a horse race between Xenophone Julius and Calvin Eixab. However, Julius proofed that he
is the better player after he defeated Eixab in their final round encounter. For his effort Julius walked away with N$500.00 and Eixab got N$ 300.00 for second place. Abigail Julius the only girl was the third best scholar. She is defintely a candidate for the chess olympics in the near future.

Total prize fund was N$5,000.00 and was split as follows.
Open Section:
1st Prize - Charles Eichab = N$1,700.00+Two nights at the Guest House.
2nd Prize - Toivo Nangula = N$1,200.00
3rd Prize - Ingwe Chipande = N$800.00
4th Prize - Goodwill Khoa = N$500.00

Best Scholar:
1st Prize - Xenophone Julius = N$500.00
2nd Prize - Calvin Eixab = N$300.00

In the group picture at the back is Ingwe Chipande, Toivo Nangula, Goodwill Khoa and Charles Eichab (Champion). In front is Xenophone Julius and Calvin Eixab.